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Procedure for Taking a Dog to Canada

***If you are a travel companion for an AAAS rescue dog going to Canada, it is necessary for you to phone the airline in order to handle step 1. We will handle steps 2-4. We will meet the travel companion at check-in before step 5.***

Travel companions will have no out of pocket expense for taking a dog to Canada.

Step 1: Check with airline for availability and reserve a spot on the plane. Each airline has different rules and fees so it is best to check their respective websites to ensure your dog fit’s the airline’s regulations. Costs vary from 50-100 US$ each way. (for Travel companions, AAAS will reimburse you this money at the airport when meeting prior to step 5)
Air Canada
Air Transat
Please note that Sunwing does not accept animals on their flights.

Step 2: Purchase cage or carry on bag for the dog. Carry on bag cost is approx 50 US$ and cargo cages start at 100 US$.

Step 3: Within 14 days of departure you must obtain an up to date health certificate and ensure your dog has a current rabies vaccine. Approx vet cost for health certificate is 35 US$.

Step 4: Day of departure. You must visit the vet at the airport and show him certificate from step 3. He will look at the dog and give you an airport vet certificate. This takes about 20 minutes so it is imperative to arrive a bit early for check in. Cost for this is approx 10 US$.

Step 5: Proceed to regular check in. At counter, staff will view certificate from Step 3 and 4. If the dog is flying as cargo it will leave your possession at this point. If carry on you will proceed as normal thru customs and security.

Step 6: For Carry on dogs only. At security check you will have to remove dog from bag and proceed through security as per normal.

Step 7: At Canadian airport. You will proceed to luggage retrieval as per normal. If dog was in cargo you will pick it up at the oversized baggage counter. You will than proceed to customs in which a Vet will inspect the dog and check papers from Step 3. He will register dog in Canada. It is important to have all of the dogs owners information (ie. Name, address, phone #) for this registration. There is a $35 fee if the dog is greater than 6 months of age. (for Travel Companions AAAS will give you this money and owner information at the airport when meeting prior to step 5)

Step 8: Leave airport as per usual. If you are bringing a dog for AAAS the owner will be waiting at exit with a sign showing your name. The owners phone # and address will be given to the travel companion prior to step 5.

Mailing Address: EPS D4145, P.O. Box 02-5648, Miami, FL, 33102
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